About us

What is Music-bag.com

Music-bag.com is a new social media music economics community platform. This platform was created for artists, influencers and fans to be able to monetize through its affiliate/referral marketing program as well as other promotional services. Music-bag.com is a platform where you can create a substantial amount of income by promoting yourself, others and the Music-bag platform. Music-bag welcomes savvy, money-making and motivated individuals to take advantage of its non-traditional revenue streams that differ from the other music content platforms.

The Music-bag affiliate/referral program looks forward to compensating you for what you bring to the table in a 50% commission. Music-bag will pay "Royalties" to all Pro accounts so take advantage of the upgrade to maximize your earnings.

  • Join the Music-bag community

  • Create/customize your channel

  • Artists sell your music, refer others to earn, build your fanbase

  • Influencers refer others, promote through social media to monetize

  • Fans come follow and support, refer and earn as well. Enjoy content

  • Share music content and socially network

  • Create long term income

  • Member payouts daily, royalties paid quarterly (10% of referee income), no limitations

  • Pro accounts must be paid current to receive royalties